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Understanding Our Time

We live in uncertain times, at least for many today. While some seem to have a grasp of what is happening in their lives. There are countless millions, who do not even know where their next meal may come from.

It is imperative that today's Godly man posses a keen understanding of the times in which he lives and knowing what relevant action should be taken.

We read in the bible, 1 Chronicle 12:32 the following example.

Of Issachar, men who understand the times, to know what Israel should do, two hundred leaders, and all their relatives under their command.

Not only were these men husbands in their own right, but they were also men who led by understanding. They knew how to appropriate that which was needed for their family and their country.

A key ingredient in any man's life is knowing how to navigate around and through the currents of life. Not necessarily trying to survive or hustle one's self along in life. When Godly men do not understand the times and the seasons God has placed on their life, they become ineffective both within and without.

Join us as we explore various examples, that lead us to become a Godly man, who understands the importance of being a man of wisdom.

Understanding the times / Manlikeradio Podcast